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*A pair of conventional jeans requires up to 1,500 gallons of water to manufacture, while the
average pair of DL1961 jeans requires less than ten because we recycle and treat 98% of water.


Gallons of water saved in 2019*

Our Story

The story of our denim unravels slowly with every wear.
Every time a customer picks DL1961 as part of their uniform,
their armor, and their identity, we succeed in our
mission to create a garment that is the perfect fusion of
fit, fabric, function and sustainable manufacturing.
And that is what makes us DL1961.


We’re a family-owned company that’s been in the denim business for decades. Over the years, we have dedicated ourselves to creating the most optimized facility possible for water, energy, and dye use; as well as creating a vertical supply chain, which allows us to control and audit the entire process. There are certainly easier ways to create denim. We’ve always chosen to put in the extra effort because we feel a responsibility to make our garments in the best way possible for people and the planet alike.


Our eco-friendly mill is one of the leading denim manufacturers, which means we can create the highest quality denim that’s good for you and for the planet. Constructing your jeans start with weaving premium, eco-friendly fibers into custom-blended yarns and high-retention fabrics. We want consumers to not only feel the difference in the fabric and fit, but also understand the difference that our jeans make for the environment.

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What makes us stand out in a crowded denim landscape is the fact that we make everything in-house, from spinning the yarn, weaving the fabric, producing the garment to finishing all in the same facility. Conventional denim can travel multiple places as it is being assembled before it gets to you. A vertically integrated system significantly reduces the amount of energy and emissions needed to produce each garment. Every day we save more water, implement newer technologies, and reimagine ways to up-cycle, recycle, and give back.

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