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The Most Sustainable Jeans on Earth

Sustainability Viroblock


Our mission as a premium denim brand is to make products in a way that is good for the planet and the people on it. As safety is at the foremost of our customers’ minds, we want to be there to help.

That’s why we partnered with Swiss company HeiQ to treat all our new arrivals with V-Block, the very latest in anti-microbial technology for textiles.


Clothing provides the most basic protection from the elements, but textiles can host all kinds of microorganisms. That’s where V-Blockcomes in and turns your jeans into a high-tech, germ-fighting barrier.


V-Block is a liquid formulation added during the laundering process. It’s powered by silver vesicle technology – the silver attracts the virus molecules, then the vesicle technology depletes the viral membrane so the silver can destroy the virus quickly.


V-Block is completely safe for all skin types and totally hypoallergenic. Because the germ-fighting occurs at a microscopic level, you won’t feel it on your clothes. Plus, it’s long lasting and good for up to 30 gentle washes.

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