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Innovative, Energy
Efficient Fibers

We start from scratch by sourcing botanic fibers and using clean indigo dyes.

Solar Powered Facilities
+ In-House Power
Generation Plant

We're powered by solar energy and our own in-house power generation plant.

State of the Art

Our Environmental Impact Measurement (EIM) software by Jeanologia monitors every piece of denim we make, tracking its water consumption and dye usage.

On-Site Water
Recyling Plant

A traditional pair of jeans is made using 1500 gallons of water. We use less than 10 and treat and recycle 98% of it.

Fit, Fabric, Function

DL1961 uses premium materials and smarter fibers to ensure comfortable, sculpting, and high-retention denim that looks great and never loses shape.

Each pair of DL1961 jeans is made from ethically sourced, premium cotton, and water efficient botanic fibers.

DL1961 works with globally-recognized, eco-friendly factories.


In 2018, we saved approximately 50 million gallons of water through our on-site recycling plant and efficient machinery.


In 2018, we contributed nearly 5,000 pounds of excess fabric to FABSCRAP, a non-profit that upcycles commercial textiles. In doing so we saved 73,102.70 pounds of CO2, the equivalent of planting 865 trees.


We updated our packaging to a fully recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable kraft paper.

We're driven by passion, inspired by our environment, and built on innovation & creativity. Discover jeans with superior fabrics that look great and feel better.

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