Our Story

We are the most
sustainable denim
brand on Earth
At DL1961, environmental awareness and
sustainability are woven into the foundation of
our brand. Here’s how we’ve taken every step
to ensure that we save and recycle as much
water, energy and fabric as possible. 

Innovative, Energy
Efficient Fibers

Instead of buying our materials like other denim brands, we start from scratch with cotton and Lycra from the US and natural indigo dyes derived from plants. Our proprietary cotton wrapping technique ensures our signature premium, high-retention fit and feel. 

Solar Powered Facilities
+ In-House Power
Generation Plant

The plant is partially powered by solar energy and we have our own power generation plant for the sake of efficiency (and because we know we’re up to environmental codes).  

State of the art

Our Environmental Impact Measurement (EIM) software by Jeanologia monitors every piece of denim we make, tracking its water consumption and dye usage. This not only holds us accountable, but lets us see where we can improve as technology evolves. 

On-Site Water
Recycling Plant

A traditional pair of jeans is made using 1,500 gallons of water. We use less than 10 and treat and recycle 98% of the water we use. 

Smart partnerships
We’ve partnered with FABSCRAP, a
non-profit that takes commercial textile
waste and reuses it. In 2017 alone, we
contributed 368 pounds of scraps that
amounted in 5,409.6 pounds of CO2
saved, the equivalent of planting 64 trees.

Every drop counts
We saved 5.2 million gallons of water in
2017 through our on-site water recycling
plant and smarter technology.

We’re fully compliant with
International Social and
Environmental & Quality
We’re committed to ethical practices,
and our family-owned, eco-friendly mill is
dedicated to innovating and reducing
waste at every turn.

An average DL1961 jean takes
3.5 hours, 8 gallons of water and
less than 1 KWH to make.
A traditional pair of jeans is made using 1,500 gallons of
water. That’s not environmentally acceptable.  

Mindfully made
Our use of lasers and ozone machines
minimizes energy and water usage – as
well as create the range of washes you
know and love.

A labor of love
from start to finish
Our packaging is fully recyclable and crafted out
of compostable and biodegradable kraft paper.

Socially Responsible
By picking and choosing who we work
with based on their values, we exist
within a network of global vendors
continually pushing the boundaries of

Ethical production, innovative fabrics
and sustainable energy solutions are
at the heart of every product.

The quality of our denim sets us apart in form, fit and fabric
– but also the ways in which our denim is crafted. 

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