Maye Musk

Shattering glass ceilings within the modeling world at 69 years young, Maye Musk's personal hashtag, #justgettingstarted, sums up her extraordinary journey perfectly. The five-decade model, self-proclaimed "global citizen" and dietician joins us in her effort to bring greater awareness to women's rights, climate change and resource conservation for universal access to real food.

You're literally our forever-style goals. How have clothes played a part in your self-expression?

I've always loved fashion and tried to be fashionable. In the '60s, I had to make my own bellbottoms and miniskirts as they were not yet in the stores and I was on a budget.

What is your go-to style formula?

Jeans, white shirt and sneakers when I'm with my dog or grandchildren. Very high heels and jacket for events.

What was the first pair of jeans you bought?

I can't remember my first pair of jeans, as I used to make most of my clothes until I could afford to buy them. Jeans would've been hard to make. I do have a photo from the 1972 in jeans, so it's been a long love story.

Over the past few decades, you have probably seen every denim trend come and go. Which was your favorite?

High-waisted jeans are my favorites. I also like cropped flares, denim rolled up at the ankle and baggy boyfriend jeans with holes. Each one is for a certain occasion. I think I have ten pairs. My current favorite? The DL denim jumpsuit – fabulous!

You have embraced every stage of your life with such grace and confidence. What is your message to women who struggle with getting older and accepting their changing bodies?

First of all, we have to try really hard to eat well and maintain a healthy weight. Health is everything. I had a practice as a dietitian for 45 years, and helped people to eat better. Now I travel the world to speak about sound nutrition and eating on a budget. When you maintain a healthy weight, you look younger, feel more confident and have more energy.

I think we also need to focus less on our older bodies and more on learning, working hard, being nice and helping other women. My mom passed away at 98. She never mentioned her older body and was very happy to the end.

What is your recommendation to women when it comes to investing in their wardrobe?

Wear clothes that fit well. Less quantity and more quality. I'm fortunate to have my best friend, Julia Perry, as my stylist for the past 26 years. She keeps me on the edge of fashion and out of my comfort zone. It really is hard to change. You have to trust a fashionable friend who has good taste.

What's next for you?

The sky's the limit. I'll be 70 in April and have never felt better. I want to continue to inspire, share my story, and look and feel good as I age. Recently I've been to Shanghai and Kiev to give talks to women on how to be relevant, confident, and cope with stress, as well as how to eat well and look stylish. We have to work towards a better life. We all need to help each other.

What does it mean to you to be mindful of yourself, your family, friends and your planet?

We should all think in terms of being a global citizen. My children and I work hard to combat climate change, ensure access to real food, sound nutrition and education, and support for women. There are no borders when it comes to these issues.

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