Lizzy Jagger

Born with fashion and rock royalty in her blood, Lizzy Jagger is an unstoppable force who isn't afraid to use her spotlight for good. A quick scan of the model, producer and activist's social platforms reveal a fierce ode to womanhood and more specifically, the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. This season, Lizzy joins us as we work together towards a better future for all.

You're a really strong and outspoken advocate when it comes to gender equality. Where did this passion come from?

I was taught as a child about religious history and the time before patriarchy, which was matriarchal goddess worship. Neither has been highly successful so I'd always thought that we had to try equality next. Then I was told a few years ago that women in the U.S. do not have equal rights under the law and to get that, we still need to ratify The Equal Rights Amendment. It didn't pass in the '70s and we still really need it. I now work with a charity called Equal Means Equal, who have made a documentary about it.

Along with women's rights, what other causes do you feel most connected with?

I love Project, which does amazing work for the ocean by both raising awareness and funding great projects around the world.

How do you translate your bold personality into your style and where does your style inspiration come from?

Being in [legendary fashion editor] Diana Vreeland's living room when I was a baby started me off well. I was very lucky to be surrounded by great style icons, as well as my mother who taught me about style through the studio films of the '20s through the '60s. I was also very lucky to be the same size as my father, whose closet is a treasure trove of history.

Generally, whatever I wear has to be comfortable and if it's not appropriate for the occasion, it has to make people laugh.

Denim has a long-loved history. Why do you think it still resonates and has been able to transcend time and trends?

Denim is such a versatile utilitarian fabric in its beginnings as workwear. Through its journey in different uses, its evolved styles express people's needs through time, making it universally individual.

What was the first pair of jeans you bought?

The first pair I bought myself were Henry Duarte jeans in LA and I got them half off for doing a modeling job I did for him. Those were great jeans and they still are 24 years later.

What are 3 must-haves when it comes to buying denim?

I like a jumpsuit. Skintight, flared, ' 70s style. I also like a skinny stretch jean, a boyfriend jean AND a high-waisted black jean. Who can pick 3?

In one sentence, sum up the fight for women's rights.

Only after we ratify the Equal Rights Amendment in the U.S. can the UN pass the global bill of women's rights, let's do this together now.

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