Emily Ratajkowski

Whether she's posing for an internet-breaking selfie or penning an essay on patriarchal double standards, one thing is clear: Emily Ratajkowski is leading the way for a new wave of feminists. Fearless and outspoken in her reclamation of the female form and sexuality, the model, actress and activist partners with us again for our "No Longer On The DL" campaign.

You're the epitome of a denim girl. What is your go-to everyday denim?

I love a pair of high-waisted stretchy jeans. And I also love a Canadian tuxedo!

Who represents your ultimate denim-style goals?

Britney and JT, duh.

You're also no stranger to wearing denim on and off the red carpet. What is your formula for ultimate denim versatility?

Finding comfortable jeans that you can live in make it easier to style them up or down, for day or night.

Now, let's talk about the boys. Absolute denim deal breaker?

No acid-washed jeans!

What was the first pair of jeans you owned?

Probably a pair of overalls!

What was the most recent pair of jeans you bought?

DL1961 dark denim!

What was a high point of 2017 for you?

Shooting 3 movies I felt really good about being a part of.

What are you looking forward to in 2018?

My movies coming out this year!

We know that you're outspoken when it comes to reshaping the conversation around women's rights. How did you become so connected to the cause?

I was raised with feminist rhetoric as a regular topic at home, so naturally women's issues are at the forefront of what I care about today – whether it's working with Planned Parenthood, supporting the #MeToo movement or writing and contributing my perspectives on feminism.

What does it mean to you to be mindful of yourself, your family, friends and your planet?

Being mindful is about being aware. Another issue I'm passionate about is incarceration in the U.S. and, of course, Black Lives Matter. It's important to see outside of your own experience, educate yourself through studying history and always analyzing what you hear and learn.

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