Brian's sense of style and self is unmistakable, yet definitely very recognizable. It was my first season in the Hampton's and I couldn't help but notice the dapper looking men in fitted suits standing outside Dune, Southampton. He was surrounded by a pack of similarly dressed men, but it was very apparent that he was the one in the know. Crowds of people yelled his name, desperate to get in, while others became confrontational when they found out that their table was not on the list. Anyone else in his position would have easily resorted to aggression, but Brian kept his trademark cool. A week after spotting him at Dune, I saw him running the show at Honey in New York City (Was this guy everywhere?) I instantly recognized him and simply went up to him and asked if I could start planning events for him. Four years later, Brian and I not only work together at Paige Management, but have become best friends. It's been so fantastic to see him grow and accomplish everything he has in just a couple of years. I can't say that I am the least bit surprised at his success. He's essentially the whole package: he's handsome, passionate, dedicated and always retains a sense of humility. And that's rare, especially for New York.

Brian Mazza serves as partner of powerhouse New York based hospitality company, Paige Management. He is also the founder and owner of an exclusive men's clothing club, Windsor Custom, which is (connected via secret passageway) to The Ainsworth. Amanda Slavin, known as the ultimate connector, is the Event Director for Paige Management and partner at 121 Fulton Street. She is also an organizer for TEDXBigApple and her writing has been frequently featured on the Huffington Post.


The quintessential New York man. Brian Mazza makes smart, stylish and sexy seem effortless. His brain-child Windsor Custom, combined his night-club-know-how with his impeccable taste in men's clothing and design, and created a clothing store like no other. Similar to the hot spots of New York, Windsor Custom maintains an elite clientele that could rival any red roped event.


Denim is universal. Regardless of your style or the kind of lifestyle you lead, denim plays an integral part in all our lives. We identified a select group of distinguished New Yorkers with a unique sense of style to represent DL1961's Denim Movement. Each of the following participants is a personification of the DL1961 brand: a pioneer in their respective profession with notable achievements in his/her undeniably demanding industry. Beginning June 1st and running throughout the summer, we will highlight a progressive New Yorker making great things happen in their field. At the end of August, once all nominees have been revealed, fans can then vote for their favorite denim movement member on our website.